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Wetto, Wetto, Wetto
Wetto, Wetto, Wetto
Wet, wet, wet
Wet, wet, wet (Wetto!)

I got the Glock in my yoga pants
Fucking that bitch in a yoga stance
Swangin’ that K with an open stance
Loaded from smoking that opium
Stain a lil′ boy in the clothes he’s in
All of my walls, they closing in
51-50, they tryna come get me
Just minding my business and moseying

Matte black, smokin’ packs
Panic attacks, back to back
Xanax on my lap, debating (hmm)
Should I relapse?
But back to the hoe I was talkin′ ′bout
I just wanna put it up in her mouth
Pimping up in my blood, what’s up cuz?
Thuggin′ that dirty South

Four letters, two numbers, bitch, Grey 59
Three fingers in the air, main bitch by my side
$licky pull up in a quarter mill’ and slaughter up your daughter
Yung Jesus with them Forgi wheels don′t walk, he drive on water (ay!)
Anytime, any place, any hood, any state
Good ’til it fuckin′ ain’t, Woods to the fucking face
Ridin’ with my baby Sage, lines on expensive plates
Tears on my diamond chains, stoic, never looking phased

Poet when I′m spitting game (game)
Show me how that pussy shaved (shaved)
Dosage climbin′ with my shame (shame)
Mama crying for my pain (pain)
Will they ever understand?
Can I even help my dad?
Money fuckin’ up my fam′
Givin’ until there′s nothing left

Pulling up in that latest (damn!)
Choppa stay on me, don’t need no hands
Prefer to be lonely, don′t need no friends
Hoe we just fucking, I don’t date fans
I’m with my cousin and talkin′ plans
Went to my hood and I copped some land
Blowing through money like Democrats
Two-step on the IRS, fuck a tax

Why the fuck you look to me for help?
There ain′t an ace in the cards I was dealt
I’m 31, still don′t know how to take care of myself
Honestly, I’m scared that I might melt
Leave behind a bunch of black spots on a white pelt
Maybe in the next life I′ll come back as a nice belt, I don’t know
There′s a fine line between me and you
The biggest difference is I’ll snort that shit and prolly puke
Dodge and juke all the bullshit y’all try and pull me through

But I′m still shinin′, baby girl wylin’
Catch me ridin′ by with that look in my eyes
Palms start to sweat, by the way I’m grippin′ my nine
Yeah, I’m always on my toes but I′m still the same height
Standin’ tall over my grave
Make sure it’s filled with all the people we supposedly saved
Make sure you throw the plaques in and all the money we made
I can′t put them on my wall, that shit just ain′t my taste
It ain’t my taste, it ain′t my taste!

Lil’ shawty wanna marry me, I said “you′re better off in debt!”
If it didn’t work out baby, I′ll be real hard to forget
German whips and private jets, private beaches to access
Fuck on me baby, I’m still a mess and no that ain’t a threat
All about my family, that′s Grey 59
Try and be all I can be, and I waste my time
On the brink of insanity, I can′t make up my mind
Yeah, I battle my vanity and I think I’m blind

(Four letters, two numbers, bitch, Grey 59)
(Three fingers in the air-)
(Three fingers in the air-)
(Four letters, two numbers, bitch, Grey 59)
(Three fingers in the air, m-)
(Three fingers in the air, main-)
(All about my family, that′s Grey 59)
(All- All about my family, that’s Grey 59)
(Try and be all I can be, and I waste my ti- ti- ti- time)
(Try and be all I can be, and I waste my time)

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