Paula Pell I Gotta Go

Paula Pell I Gotta Go Lyrics

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And Prince Charming, he’s just wrong

Spell is broken, unenchanted
Someone else′s sheets are soiled
Linens she picked up at Bloomie’s
For a marriage that I spoiled

I gotta go
I gotta hail a pumpkin coach
And I gotta go
This ain’t my room my man approach
And I gotta go
I deserve better or different or worse
But I gotta go
There′s no wedding bells for this
Just (?)
I gotta go

Fairytales all end in “Happily”
But all fairytales end in “Grim”
Why did I think this would solve me?
If there′s an answer it ain’t him

I gotta go
I don′t know where, but somewhere out there
Somewhere to go
Somewhere where someone will see me as someone
That they don’t want to go
So I gotta go
If I don′t go and pause, my life’s past midnight
I gotta go
Where there′s breakfasts and
Crosswords and see-ya-tomorrows after the night
I gotta go
I gotta–
I gotta go
The world is a question
This room is an answer
And the answer is no

I gotta go
I gotta be free
Donna Bloom!

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