Norma Jean 1994

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Sleeping for a day or sleep for five minutes
But only for a day or two if you′re lucky
See, I sold my board for twenty bucks
‘Cause I didn’t want to break my arm
Save the strings
And now it′s like
Angry songs make me feel worse
Happy songs make me feel like a liar

I′m a 90s kid
I’m, I′m from the sounds of hollow walls and steep secondhand steps
From below the stairs
Hovering above the brick stages
Plastic sheets don’t keep out the cold
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts
I swear to God it hurts

If it comes worse for worse
I got a million in the stack and always one in the cavity
I, I think I′m witnessing the end of the world and I like it

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