Millio Ivory Tower

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Baby might be my soul mate (yeah)
Bubbly might be my champagne yeah (champagne)
Thought it might need a few changes
Why do I feel like we strangers
I know this might be a good gamble

So I thought I could light a thousand candles
Cause a thousand of all of my problems have been handled, yeah
Sun came down and the birds sang a little
Some made out, they be playin′ the fiddle
Some went down, they be crackin’ the riddle
Runs them down, but they be very bitter

Maybe I′ve been tryin’ too hard and it’s right in my face
And I give it my heart and I gotta have faith
And I got to step out of this cage
And I got to be humble I gotta be real
And I got to be able to say it
Got to ring all of the bells
Run all of the sales
Got to be able to pave it, yeah
Got to be able to save it, yeah

Whether it′s a pivot or a swivel, you know I gotta serve (serve!)
Whether it′s a jiggle or a riddle, I gotta have nerve (let’s go!)
Baby my mind is going ′round and ’round
Maybe we could ride around Ivory Tower yeah

Know I been poppin′ my shit since 1999
Man it was even before I had this life of mine
Man I’m always on it, I don′t do no time to time
Man I don’t know but I think this time I’ll pay no mind
Some of y′all will never know an inch of its power
Better look back on your plan cause you know it went sour
On this very hour, I′ll make the decision of whether this
Trophy is yours or rightfully ours, yeah

Took it down to my biggest piece of heart (heart!)
Brought it down to my illest piece of art (yeah!)
Ran it down to the smallest piece of chart yeah (chart!)
Watch it with that tone boy, I’mma do my part, yeah
And if I do somethin′ wild, I’mma think it twice
Think it twice, play it nice, pay the price, that′s advice
Edelweiss, say no lies, roll the dice, same old eyes
Same old skies, single dimes, changed some lines, same old lines

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