Ja'king the Divine To Be Disciplined, Vague & Mysterious

Ja’king the Divine To Be Disciplined, Vague & Mysterious Lyrics

Ja’king the Divine To Be Disciplined, Vague & Mysterious Song Lyrics, Ja’king the Divine To Be Disciplined, Vague & Mysterious Şarkı Sözleri

To see it to the end, cheating men breathing in the sea of sin
Sink or swim
The bridge of hope has broke we at the brink of Fin
Im Stan Lee with the ink and pen
As I tease and grin these dead pool of Niggas can’t compete with him
Light bearer spiked tiara thorns I was crowned with a uniquely brim

Like Quin shi, terracotta squadron arts defends me
Draped in Obi sashes my belt is wrapped with galactic ashes
Master tzu, not many rappers is that compatible
Regurgitating lines I′ve done created that’s what actors do

I’m crawling out the tundras, split the bread with my brothers, valleys of suffer
We′re Malnourished from droughts of supper

Despite the struggling, them fights we tussled in
It made for tougher men, pour the forty hope we see the summer′s end

Hellish moments I be smelling deaths aromas
I know some niggas that’ll do you colder than Pneumonia
We haven′t been the same since the Catalonia Spain invasion
When they raided Niggas, just to sell your daughter to a rapist

Shit they not ready for, embark on my metaphors
Journey through my epics of knowledge and dark predators

As I age, the pain of mental disdains kills the author in this phase
Like strays sprayed to ya rib cage
The plague harvesting lungs, like the sparked wheats raised from the sun,
My life flash like the graze from a gun
Cause it’s dark as bubonic coughs,
When I starve, it ignites the hawk, Like a Molotov tossed to ya Spinal cord
My soul engulfed with a flaming phoenix, soaring through the arts
Pierce hearts like the darts of an archer

I′m deep
I nestled in the jungles heat
Where the leopards creep on decrepit beasts and weak lie through they teeth

Stamped with abandonment and sex fetishes
Slave to my flesh decadence, and text messages

Pineal gland shines like the summer solstice
Of the land where a man defined by a gun holster
When combat approaches, adapt focus
You find Lucifer’s trapped soul soldiers where the coke is

Ghetto trinity be
Coke the holy mother, crack Christ leaving you with double crossing brothers
Rap be the Scripture
Bringing peace to incarcerated street disciples needing me to paint the picture
Nuns be bitches, police be the swine, divine the prodigal son with chi in his spine

So can I kick it? The fuck I can′t
Been hard to love since the last bitch fucked my man’s

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