Days to Waste When the Summer Ends

Days to Waste When the Summer Ends Lyrics

Days to Waste When the Summer Ends Song Lyrics, Days to Waste When the Summer Ends Şarkı Sözleri

My heart′s a mess
Lost since you left
I guess it’s for the best
The feeling in my chest
When it′s the place you rest your head
Keep your hand tucked in my hand

We’re lost again
There’s nothing left
I walk this empty road
But don′t know where to go
Outside your place
It starts to rain
But that′s alright with me
There’s nowhere I′d rather be

So hold me a bit closer again
I ran too far and reached the end
The fog will slowly start to fade
Bringing memories back I tucked away

I ran so fast
I thought that I could reach you
And fell right back
Convinced I didn’t need you
It hurts so bad
And I′m so fucking sorry
Can we go back
To talking in your driveway

I’m paranoid
Can′t hear your voice
It wakes me when I sleep
The silence when I dream
I fill the void
With empty noise
The shivers in my sheets
The shaking in your knees

Couldn’t hide the way I felt
But I did this to myself
Or maybe we were just pretending
And I carried out the ending
Left my sweater by your shelf
Darling keep it for yourself
I’ll be fine here in the cold
Just really hope you′re doing well

I′m standing at the spot we used to meet
Your hands around my neck I couldn’t speak
But all this time been on my mind it′s all my fucking fault
And now your eyes eat me alive I’m never waking up
So tell me darling do you think of me?
As I′m falling off the edge
Back to the nights I couldn’t sleep
Fall asleep with me
I couldn′t reach you
I’ll never reach you

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