Darrell Medellin Lemonade Freestyle

Darrell Medellin Lemonade Freestyle Lyrics

Darrell Medellin Lemonade Freestyle Song Lyrics, Darrell Medellin Lemonade Freestyle Şarkı Sözleri

Get paid, I sip heem with pink lemonade
I don’t trip on no bitch, I just meditate
I don’t act like I′m better, I just educate
I don′t like white bitches like it’s segregate
I′m from the Philippines, she wanna feel my penis
‘Cause I′m a fuckin’ genius, but I ain′t the leanest
Big boy, feel like B.I.G, Notorious
I like how I live, it is glorious

You ain’t never chase no 42, no Jollibee gravy
I ain’t never went to school and played a ukulele
I ain′t never been a sucka, never been a simp
The benefits, I′ve been the shit since dual citizen
You feel me?
Bars on 5G reception
Let me guess, you a nurse, what else your profession?
Real question, why so atypical?
Be what you really wanna be, be really you

Brown is the shade of my skin, ain’t a POC
Some pass off as white like Billy′s
Better take care of your fam, don’t be a leech
But make sure to take care of you, don′t mean to preach
Church on Sunday’s, two-hour masses
Am I going to hell ′cause I stare at fat asses?

When the priest is tellin’ me donate my hard-earned money
That we spend on lunch, get you heartburn
You know, lechon, pig skin, rice, and pancit
Can’t show emotion, the fam gotta have tough skin
AP, I got thirty bars I need to punch in
Chuck eat that vegan, don′t know what his lunch is

Fuck it, yeah, I seen both sides
I was born on the island with a lot of fuckin′ pride
A bunch of nice people with a bunch of hurt smiles
Livin’ in poverty, colonizers only see us as property
Look, I ain′t no saint or revolutionary
I just know there’s only so much shit me and you can carry
I just wanna say thanks in advance
Westside, D1, bitch, stick to the plan

Fuck it up D1, fuck it up
Fuck it up D1, fuck it up
Fuck it up D1, fuck it up
Fuck it up D1, fuck it up
Now put yo′ hands up, now put yo’ hands up
Put yo′, put yo’, put yo’ hands up
Now put yo′ hands up, put yo′ hands up
Now put yo’, put yo′ mother fuckin’ hands up

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