‘Come From Away’ Original Broadway Cast Welcome To the Rock

‘Come From Away’ Original Broadway Cast Welcome To the Rock Lyrics

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It used to be one of the biggest airports in the world
And next to it is a town, called Gander

Welcome to the rock if you come from away
You probably understand about a half of what we say
They say no man’s an island but an island makes a man
Escpecially when one comes from one like Newfoundland
Welcome to the rock

That mornin im in the classroom
Its our first day back and the schoolbuses are on stire so
Im covering for Anette, shes runnin late
Sorry Beulah! How′s the kids?

Not exactly thrilled to be inside on such a gorgeous day
So I told ’em we’d only have half day this mornin′
And they wre quite pleased
Until I told ′em we’d have the other half in the afternoon

Welcome to he wildest weather that you ever heard of!
Where everyone is nice but it′s never nice above
Welcome to the farthest place you’ll get from Dineyland
Fish n chips and shipwrecks
This is Newfoundland

Welcome to the Rock!
An islander, I am an islander
I′m an islander, I am an islander
I’m an islander, I am an islander
I′m an islander, I am an islander

That mornin’ I’m in my car
The kids cross airport boulevard to get to school
And that time of day people are in a little bit of rush
To get to work and stuff
So, normally I sit there and run my radar (Whoop! Whoop!)
And if thery′re speeding I′ll stop ’em
And write out a warning ticket
I′ll write S-T-F-D
Slow the fuck down!

Welcome to the land where the wintes tried to kill us
And we said
“We will not be killes!”
Welcome to the land where the waters tried to drown us
And we said
We will not be drowned
Welcome to the land where we lost our loved ones
And we said
“We will still go on!”
Welcome to the land where the wind tried to blow!
And we said no!

That mornin’ I drop my kids off at school and head to the SPCA
Where I′m greeted by my other kids
All barkin’ and meowin′ for breakfast and a belly rub
Not that I’m complaining, I love them
But by the time feeding’s done
I got to get back to pick up my human kids
So I take just one second for myself and I′m sitting in my car

I′m in the library
I’m in the staff room
And I turn on the radio

You are here
At the start of a moment
On the edge of the world
Where the river meets the sea
On the edge of the Atlantic
On an island in between
There and here

I′m running my radar when Bonnie comes by (I’m an islander)
She pulls up (I′m an islander)
And she is waving at me like mad (I’m an islander)
So I roll down my window (I′m an islander)
And she says (I’m an islander)
Oz, turn on the radio (I’m an islander)

Slow it down, Bonnie
Jesus H, Oz! Turn on your radio!
Where our story starts
It′s my first day at the station
Where we′ll end the night
I’m gettin′ coffee for the picket line
Where we know by heart
Five minutes ’til my smoke break
Every single flight
I′m off to work at the airport

Welcome to the fog
Welcome to the trees
To the ocean and the sky
And whatever’s in between
To the ones who′ve left
You’re never truly gone
A candle’s in the window
And the kettle′s always on
When the sun is coming up
And the world has come ashore
If you′re hoping for a harbour
Then you’ll find an open door
In the winter, from the water
Through whatever′s in the way
To the ones who have come from away
Welcome to the Rock!

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