BANDGANG Bandgang or No Gang

BANDGANG Bandgang or No Gang Lyrics

BANDGANG Bandgang or No Gang Song Lyrics, BANDGANG Bandgang or No Gang Şarkı Sözleri

20s in my Robin’s so know the pockets sloppy
Tryna eatchu betta stop it
Imma up the pocket rocket
Will thats my ace
Thats my mothafuckin man
Buffs on bitch, we don′t fuck with raybans
She seen me in the club and I threw bout 8 bands
Now I’m finna beat it up
Something like a caveman
Tats on my arm right above the watch
I always kept a glock cause I never had a pops
Hoes tryna screw me something like a bottle top
Bandgang, shred gang bitch strap my block
Swes doing 90 he can’t even see
Blowing loud I look chinese I can′t even blink
PA dropped off 14s that boy face like a sink
Boy you better show respect when you fucking with me
(Yeah nigga big money band gang nigga)
(I dropped 2 bands for the buffs nigga)
(Then we all bought true coats nigga)
Lense black bust marble me and cuz the kitchen sink
Getcho bitch under control she keep tryna leave with me
Big homie, boss hogging bitch aint no mistaking me
Bandgang we play to win and cant nobody fuck with me
Me and RJ blowing loud think we done smoked a fucking tree
Night night this aint reggies this a put a bitch to sleep

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