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Listen up don’t get it misunderstood
My girl never good she the baddest
I ain’t know you knew gymnastics
She up in my room doing backflips
The bed was a mess talking tragic

Cookin′ up a lot with a wrist like this
Things getting hot let′s ignite this
Shordy make it drop for a nigga like this
She like damn you hit the spot when you lick it like this
No talking she walk it and walk with a strut
Head game was crazy think she going nuts
She wanna fight me all night girl wassup
You know what they say when it’s up then it′s stuck

She do a split on the I never tell her to stop
Smooth enough to introduce to ya mom
You got good rhythm yo let’s make a bop
I like her bottom she love it on top
I got you breathing and cursing girl bite me don′t worry
I’m thirsty and you got that WAP
Working that body like this is your job

She like me because I′m cocoa
Love when I flip it and hit it in slow mo
Yep that’s the move that be making her loco
Let’s make a movie I ain′t talking promo
We gon′ sing tonight
So good you might get a ring tonight
You can come first or last but the morning bag’s
Only thing you gotta bring tonight

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